Content Depot?


I just had a dream: What if we would create a standard content depot in this forum.

It could have the following sub-topics:

  • free 3d models
  • free seamless textures
  • free skyboxes / reflection textures
  • free bump maps / normal maps / occlusion maps / specular maps / …
  • free shaders
  • free audio libraries
  • requests / wish list of users

    I meen there is already some content in, but this could be a more general forum.

    It should not contain endless discussions but serve as a free depot of game content.

    OGRE also has something like and the OGRE test program shows the ninja for example.

    I myself would contribute some 3d models, textures and shaders that I modeled / wrote and for which I have full copy right… Nothing great but maybe helpful to others…

    What do you think of this idea?


    EDIT: ooops - I posted in the wrong sub-forum I think - please remove to a better location at will…

I think there is to much content to collect it all.

For every type of content there are a couple of good sites.

I think an up-to-date link-list would be best, like this one:


Concept Art:

Clip Art:



Believe me, I’ve had my share of romance with the exact same idea (there’s plenty to go around, ehrm…).

I agree with Jack, there’s just too much content to collect for it to be a priority of the JME project. There are more important things to take care of. I think our resources wiki page should suffice, though it could benefit from an update with many of Jack’s textures and more.

Something self-hosted is still a possibility, but I think it should be a container of only the most useful and highest quality resources, serving as a default assets package.

I think it would be good to have maybe a few more assets in the jme distro, so that people getting started can recombine things while they are playing around with test code and getting a feel for the engine.

I don't know about anything more major than that though. It has to be good quality stuff, otherwise people will see or make something with it, relise it looks bad and blame the engine.

Good quality 3D content usually needs to be made together - textures, norm/spec maps, models and animation - as people using often can't fill in the gaps, and just sticking a texture onto a model that wasn't mapped for it gets ugly.

So while there's a lot of nice free textures out there, a lot of nice free animation out there and even some good free models out there, there is not a lot of great free stuff that has everything you need.

Just like programmers I guess, artists will often do half a job and put the result out for free, but generally charg for complete, polished work (and why not).  Exceptions to the rule are rare and beautiful things  :smiley: