Contextual GUI (Render to Texture with Mouse/Touch Interaction)

First off… HUGE thanks to @pspeed for finding a crowbar big enough to help pry my head out of my ass.

Soooo, here it is finally. I’ve added SubScreens for rendering GUI’s to texture and FINALLY got the interaction working properly. Here is quick example using the default box added to a new project. The texture coordinates are semi-nonsensical, so dragging from one side of the box to the next doesn’t really produce a smooth transition, but! It gives the basic idea of what this does.


I have a bit of cleanup to do, now that it is working and will post the update very soon. The only effect this has on existing UI’s might be with custom controls, as the Screen and SubScreen class both implement a common interface and screen is now referred by the interface ElementManager. If this effects any of your custom controls, simply cast the screen reference back to Screen when instantiating any controls from within your control and all should be fine.


Wow! That’s the thing!