Continuous collision detection

Hi guys

Last week I suddenly got the urge to do something in jme. Didn’t know what but I just wanted to have physics in it. And since I didn’t know what to do I decided to write a physics engine :smiley: (Yes its a stupid idea)

So now I can simulate planets pretty accurately but I need collision detection. So I was hoping that

someone here knew an algorithm to do continuous collision detection (because discrete collision detection is lame :p)

So yeah if anyone can give me a bit of hints (or challenges but I most likely wont have time to attempt them)

Thanks guys

Could you not use for example rigidbodycontrol and the mesh shapes available in jme for the collision detection? and have your physics engine do what it wants

CCD is a part of bullet, you just need to enable it. It works by sweeping the object across the space if it moved more than a certain amount per frame and by that checking collisions in between the two frame locations. There are some bugs in the jbullet ccd check as it seems however.