Continuous Integration

Hey people, I have noticed that there were problems with nightlies (maybe fixed by now?).
Probably you are already aware that there are free continuous integration solutions for hosting Jenkins out there:
Maybe they can be used for getting the nightlies working?

Kind regards! :smile:

@Momoko_Fan in setting up a nightly build with Travis ci these days. He seems to be pretty successful so far.

I think Travis-CI has been used for a while to at least verify the integrity of a commit. However Iā€™m not sure if it has been publishing any artifacts up until about now.

See Travis CI - Test and Deploy Your Code with Confidence

Oh and nightlies is such a weird thing. A new snapshot should be made available per commit really :smiley:

We are using Travis-CI already. It is currently setup to build the distribution package on each commit. For tagged commits it will automatically upload the package to GitHub and attach it under the tag as a release.

The plan is to have commit snapshots uploaded automatically to the updates server, which includes the engine only distribution package, the maven artifacts and the SDK plugin NBMs for the 3.1 pre-release SDK.

Other releases will be tag based and will end up doing the same as above but under another folder in the updates server.