Contributing to native bullet module

Hi all,
Anyone knows how to prepare develop environment to start working with bullet-native jME module? I have some JVM crashes with this module, I want to spend time to solve these problems.

Do you mean dependencies?

Dependencies listed in netbeans are


I mean, which c/c++ IDE I need to use, how to prepare the IDE to start developing the module.

What build system is it using? If it’s got a Makefile pretty much any C/C++ IDE should do just fine.


are you on windows or linux?
Windows did work with the visual studio route (follow the bullet docu for the right version)
I suggest using a vm btw, as else you cannot get rid of that crap easily.

For linux the gcc compilation did work.

You basically need to real support for the compilation, as gradle is the leading system there. You can start the native build via it. There is some properties file that defines what will be build, there was a property like buildNatives that you need to set to true.

a gradlew build should do it after that.

For editing I only used smaller editors like vim ect. as I did not want to spend the time for a proper ide

I’m only linux user, thanks, I will try it :slight_smile:

There’s a special place in hell reserved for the creators of that language.

C was a good language for its day - but we can do a lot better now. I understand obtaining proficiency in it for working with legacy code, but I don’t understand why it would be used for new software development when more modern (and similarly performant) alternatives are available.

The person that you are looking for is Dennis Ritchie he died the same year as Steve jobs, and “no one” knows that lol.

It’s still good well for learning how to manage your resource and prevent wasting them. We are learning it in the university and I do not enjoy it like Java.

Au contraire, my friend! C is the reason modern programming exists like it does. Without it, Java, C++, C#, Python and even JS wouldn’t exist or look completely different.

I for one, would be aghast of a world where the only type of programming looks like the bullshit that Haskell or Elm try to pass as ‘code’.

Using it today is kind of like using a biplane instead of a jet. It may turn quickly but try getting anywhere far with it and it’ll take years. Still, it deserves a nice place in a museum.