Contribution Question

It seems that the Matrix4f class used by jME would be better if it used regular float m00,m01,ect ect rather than float[][] (no arrayouttabounds exception checking), and could use many more math helper functions inside it. Is there a reason it is [][] and scarce on helper functions, or would a change (along with an extreamly thorough "Yes this still works" script) be welcome?

There is no good reason why it still is like that. It was originally written similar to Matrix3f to use with the Milkshape animation. So as Matrix3f was improved (since it’s used a whole lot in the API) we just neglected to make the same changes to Matrix4f. Similar to Vector3f and Vector2f (Vector2f has fallen behind). Feel free to improve Matrix4f, just make is similar to Matrix3f.l