Controller question


I'd like to know the meaning of maxTime and minTime parameters in controllers

If I want to move an object from point A to point B in 10 seconds, do I have to set speed to 1, minTime to 0 and maxTime to 10?

Or maxTime if only an upper bound?

I can't understand which is the real relation between speed, minTime and maxTime

Thanks in advance for any explanation



I think to have understood that minTime and maxTime are bounds regarding objects that already have an animation

(e.g. an object imported from 3dstudio with some frames of animation)

So they aren't useful to say to a controller (e.g a CurveController) to make a loop in a fixed time

Giving only speed parameter, if I want the object for example waits for some seconds, it seems I haven't the exact result I would have if I could give a fixed duration to animation loop

Any idea please?