Controlling a skeleton directy? possible?

What I am trying to do is to have a model controlled by an input stream which is mapped to a series of joints. This motion capture data is supposed to be the input which controls the character. What I have not been able to do is construct some model supported by a skeleton of sorts which is controlled by this input.

Any insight on how to do that, or whether it is possible at all?

Looking at the JavaDoc the Bone function setUserTransform seems to be pretty much what I need, though I'm not sure how to get to the skeletal armature of an imported model, or how to create one in code which has one.

One of my main issues is how to actually get a model with a proper skeleton, which is then accessible from the code directly to position limbs. Can't get my head around it.


Somebody more familiar with com.jmex.model.ogrexml models will have to answer about how to accomplish with them, and about setUserTransforms() in particular.  This section of the HottBJ Animation tutorial explains exactly what you are trying to do using Blender and the com.jme.animation package.