Controlling Chasecamera

Well I am using the jme chase camera but I am having trouble adjusting it to my object. It keeps staying miles away from the spatial its following (but it is following it)

How can I set this?

My code, offfsets does not seem to help

        //set up camera
        Vector3f targetOffset = new Vector3f();
        targetOffset.y = ((BoundingSphere) shuttle.getModel().getWorldBound()).radius * 1.5f;
        chaser = new ChaseCamera(cam, shuttle.getModel());
        HashMap handlerProps = new HashMap();
        handlerProps.put(ThirdPersonHandler.PROP_DOGRADUAL, "true");
        handlerProps.put(ThirdPersonHandler.PROP_TURNSPEED, ""+(1.0f * FastMath.PI));
        handlerProps.put(ThirdPersonHandler.PROP_LOCKBACKWARDS, "false");
        handlerProps.put(ThirdPersonHandler.PROP_CAMERAALIGNEDMOVE, "true");
        input = new ThirdPersonHandler(shuttle.getModel(), cam, handlerProps);


Try setting the min and max rollout (i think the keys are in ThirdPersonMouseLook)  Sorry I'm waiting for a plane to take off, so I can't be more specific.

His may be similar my request to you for setting a hard min/max limit. I didn't put that in a public post, so he had no idea that you were going to add that feature.

thanks I'll give it a try

Think we misunderstood each other. This is what happens

I have no idea on how to get my camera closer??

nm got it

    props.put(ThirdPersonMouseLook.PROP_MAXROLLOUT, "6");

        props.put(ThirdPersonMouseLook.PROP_MINROLLOUT, "3");