Controlling the cam in SimpleGame

Hey, I'm a beginner and I want to use SimpleGame for a Pong Clone, but I don't want to use the default camera control. Can someone give me a hint or explain me how to turn it off?


PS: I'm not a native speaker, if my explanation seems to be weird I'll try to explain it in another way :slight_smile:

if you use jme3 then


will disable arrow keys + awsd

in jme2 there was also something similar, but I dont remember it anymore

you can also use these 2 codes:

cam.setLocation(new Vector3f(x,y,z)); you define the x,y,z ^^

cam.lookAt(lookatwhat vector, Vector3f.Unit_Y); 

hope it helps

try this :

((FirstPersonHandler) input).getMouseLookHandler().setEnabled(false);

Thx, that worked fine for me!