Conversion improvement


I hope this is correct place to post this thread.

I'm currently trying to load 3DS file using MaxToJme. Since project is finished (launch is next week, stay tuned ;)), the loading has to work with our current resource management system.

Our texture loading code is a bit weird due to our locally streaming content, so we thread as much as we can and use openGL thread only for mandatory stuff (ie. uploading to video mem). Due to this design, all or at least some resources need to go work with this and currently there's issue with loading for example 3DS files.

The texture filename is (I guess) stored inside 3DS file, and during TDSFile scene building, it tries to load texture by itself using MaterialBlock instance and guessing how the texture is supposed to be supplied to the file. This is probably behavior described by 3DS file format.

However it would be much more useful to allow more delegated approach, where client could supply delegates to do loading of specific parts if needed (textures, 3DS user data, lighting, etc) - of course leaving conventional/default way.

Again, I'm not in position to supply correct diff patches since our version of JME is not the trunk JME2 version and we don't have time to update to trunk.

If you're willing to fix the code against the trunk, I'll send 'fixed' TDSFile and dependencies.