Convert an older .j3o to open in newer Jmonkey sdk version?

Hi there everyone,

I have a .j3o that only opens in an older version in jmonkey (sdk 3.0.10), and I can’t open it in a newer version of the sdk (3.2.4). I was wondering if it’s possible to convert it or fix it so that I can open it in the newer sdk?

What errors are you getting? This would at least give us a place to start…

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I guess you can’t, but the reasons are on the engine side.
I think one issue was with Hardware Skinning, but I patched it back then.
But yeah, an error might help.

usually developers just hold source files, so they can just re-export into j3o from source files again(or even modify them), dont you have them?

if you really dont have source file, i would look at writing some j3o → obj exporter that would take vertexbuffer and other buffers and write it, then open in tool like blender/etc. and re-export.

My bad, I forgot to attach the error I recieved on the newer sdk. Here is what I get when trying to open the newer .j3o

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I’ve attached a screenshot of the error when trying to open the .j3o in the newer sdk here in a reply here, my apologies for not attaching one earlier.

Did those files contain any physics related controls?
Because internally it crashes our native bullet.
You can try to load this file with jbullet (for the SDK you need to modify the classpath somehow, maybe there is a config file) and strip all the physics.

You can also try it with 3.3-beta1, I don’t know if they fixed that bug in bullet, though.
Another alternative is writing a small “game” that loads the j3os with jbullet and just re-saves them using BinaryExporter

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