Convert .blend to .j3o


I have a problem similar to .
I want to make a chessboard in Blender3D and convert it into j3o binary.
The problem is that material isn’t added into binary file. In the topic above one said to link material to object but that doesn’t change anything to the binary file.
If I convert it into OgreXML I get 2 materials. While navigating through documention found a method to set uv map or something like that, but what happens when I wanna create a soldier character with 100+ materials(skin, clothes, weapons, etc.); best approach is to convert .blend into .j3o.

Any idea what should I do?

Different game world material does not mean different game engine materials. Look at things like texture atlasses etc for example…

Yes, you simply do not want a model with 100 different blender maerials ^^

So, the single responsibility principle from OOP is applied to the models with materials?

The manual explains the structure of the engine, theres no reason to think it changes with an export from some other modelling application…? Also the manual explains exactly this: How to import model data and what one can expect to be translated how.

I’m still a newbie into 3D modelling. I managed to do what I wanted to; of course by using UV maps and this link:

For UV maps: Blender 2.6 Tutorial 12 - UV Mapping (Image Textures) - YouTube

Added UV maps (in jMonkeyengine project folder), saved .blend file into asset/Models and everything is ok.