Convert j3d to jme3 and inverse

i’m on a project which use only j3d but I need to use jme3 to reduce the LOD of my objects (or add C++ library to my project which is also complicated).
I need to convert my j3d objects to jme3 objects, use jme3 on my object and after convert my jme3 objects to j3d objects.
I really don’t know how to do that. Somebody can help me or give me ideas please?

Thanks a lot (and sry for the english :wink: )

what is j3d?

j3d is java3D

I would say use Blender to open the j3d files, and convert to say obj or gltf or one of the other supported formats, which you can then import easily to jME.

First jPonyEngine and now Java3d? What is it, necromancy fest?

Now I expect a post that is says how much better it was OpenGL 1 and why we were so cruel to remove its support…