Convert PassNode Spatial back to Terrainpage?

I have a terrain tiling system that loads 9 terrain pages (a center tile, and 8 surrounding tiles). I'm using PassNode splatting (ala TestIsland), which as I understand it creates a Spatial based on a TerrainPage. So after creating the Spatial, I attach it to my scene along with another 8 Spatials generated the same way.

It works and everything looks great! However, when comparing the 9 Spatials to 9 TerrainPages (using the same heightmaps), the Spatials come in at an average of 100k triangles. The TerrainPages are literally half that (50k triangles).

Is there any way to convert my textured PassNode spatials back into TerrainPages?


Any ideas or am I taking the wrong approach? I'm using a spatial object for my terrains (instead of a terrainpage) because I am unable to figure out how to apply the lovely splatting technique used in to a terrainpage. I can splatter textures on a terrainpage using the techniques used in, however the splatting doesn't look nearly as nice as it does using the PassNode. Am I missing something?


I'm still very stuck on this… Basically, I just want to be able to use the texturing that can be done with a PassNode on a TerrainPage (to get the same culling and lower the over all poly count). I'm assuming I'm missing something obvious.

Attempting to cast the passnode spatial to a TerrainPage results in the obvious java.lang.ClassCastException error.

I also tried to get the renderstate from the PassNode, but the getRenderState method is now deprecated, so attempting page.setRenderState(passnode.getRenderState()) doesn't work.

Any ideas at all?


Well I moved on to other parts of my project, but now I'm back to this and still stumped.

As Passnodes my terrains are splatted beautifully. But the poly count is twice as high than the equivalent Terrainblocks, which I cannot figure how to splat the same way as a passnode.

Any ideas at all???