Converting bitmap fonts using SDK

I made a font using Raster Font Editor and exported it to .bdf format.I installed it through my system’s font manager (i’m using kubuntu) and it is installed correctly.However,sdk doesn’t show it to the list. I can only tell that there is a [16 pixel] near font’s name in the font manager.

I tried to convert it to .ttf in FontForge but the exported file is a blank font with no characters in it,so i think that this is a format problem but i have never tried importing a custom font to JMonkey so i don’t know how it should be technically adapted to be loaded.

jME isn’t doing anything strange here, I think… just looking at the fonts that Java can see. So if you can get it to show up in other Java app’s font choosers (like JEdit or whatever) then the SDK should see it.

So far my guess is that the same thing that keeps it from exporting as TTF is probably the issue but it’s hard to say.