Converting Blender 2.5-Files include textures in j3o (uncompressed)

Hm, thanks but this would mean the imported model has dependencies on the blender loader code. We don’t want that, it should use standard facilities to store its data, thats why the in-j3o solution is in place at the moment.

Ok, I understand that. Actually I don’t see a reason why not to generalize this kind of “baked” textures. Well, then you have to find another solution. Saving files out is as we already thought no option.

For me that dependency to the blender-importer is more than fine as it is very very slim (just the baking process that are about 3 or 4 blend and merge calls). But I have what I wanted, my working(? still have to test :smiley: ) blender->j3o-pipeline. Time to go on with other pre-work for my jme-contest entry. :smiley: OleOle

Yeah, we have those in-j3o textures and they basically do exactly this except they don’t store how they got there. Should be good to go for game development, for getting the textures out if one wants to I can add a small SDK tool sometime.

Ah,…didn’t know about in-j3o textures, yet.

thats why the in-j3o solution is in place at the moment.

Now this makes more sense to me ;D

Good to know! Still lots to find out about jme3 :D Well, ok that would be then somehow the way to go...

Thats what I say all the time ^^ The j3o is “fat” cause the image is rendered with all fx and then saved in the j3o. When you always attach your models like rootNode(assetManager.loadModel(myModelPath)); it will even be reused in memory and on the GPU when the same model is attached again. With a “fat j3o” you don’t need the PNG anymore.

Yes, you are absolutely right! Hmm,…actually this is a real con for the blender-importer. I think, it might be a nice

option in the jmp-converter to be able to prevent saving the material. (Or is this maybe already possible! Sry, I didn’t

had the time to use jmp extensively, yet) Maybe setting it to null before export and set it back afterwards.

Then you still have the good option to create you materials manually via j3m without the need to change the material in

blender very time before you want it to be converted…

You can do that afterwards no problem, when you save the new material the old data (incl. textures) should be gone.