Converting dae to j3o


i am trying to make dae to j3o converter.
but i am in trouble with importing dae file.

first of all, we have a regacy modeling tool which exports result to several dae files.
so to use the dae file, we should convert dae files to j3o using SDK. but it has some issue to me.

i think it’s possible to make converter because SDK support converting dae file to j3o.
i got hint - BlenderModelLoader can load dae file, - from following forum article.

but i cannot find any way to load dae file using BlenderModelLoader.

in worst case, i should make a dae parser to loade dae file ,and should export j3o using BinaryExporter.

can anybody give me some hint to convert dae file to j3o?

sorry for poor english and thanks for reading!.


Have you first tried:

Within JME itself, Tools->Plugins->Available Plugins->Collada Support?

Other than that, I do not use .dae, but it would be helpful to know what’s stopping the conversion.

Also, some of these support topics are old, things might have changed since then as well.

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ARe you sure that it is not meant to import the dae into blender and then load the resulting .blend file?

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@Empire Phoenix,
i knew that SDK converts .dae file to .blend using python and blender and import .blend using BlenderModelLoader.
thanks for advise.

i installed the plugin into my sdk, but i don’t know how to use. :frowning:

anyway, i found jme3dae.jar. :slight_smile:
i will try to use this library first.

thanks a lot!