Converting/Opening/Editing a j3o model

I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction as to how to open/edit a j3o model. As an example, how would I open and edit the malebuilder_pants.j3o model from the online asset pack. Is there a way to convert a j3o file back to ogre or something along those lines?

there isn’t a way to convert j3o back to ogre. But you are given the asset packs in ogre XML (in the folder which they were downloaded to initially), and you can import those into blender.

I am having trouble locating those asset packs. Any idea where to find them?

@socialmonkey said:
I am having trouble locating those asset packs. Any idea where to find them?

The path is in the application settings, check the manual if you don't find them.

Thanks for the quick replies. I found the asset packs. However, I am having trouble importing the .mesh.xml files into blender (not showing up in addons in user preferences or the import drop down menu). I added the script to the …/Contents/MacOS/2.64/scripts/addons directory. I also added the OgreTools and in the script I specified the location to the OgreXMLConverter. Let me know what I am missing, or if there is an easier way.

I guess few here imported ogre back into blender. What exactly do you want to do?

In short, I want to be able to import from ogre into blender (more specifically take a mesh.xml file from the assetpack and edit it). So I’m guessing I would need to convert from .mesh.xml to .mesh and then import it? I am also having trouble getting the ogre import addon to work for blender.

Okay, more specifically: What do you want to edit?

Oh, I see what you mean. Sorry about the confusion. Basically what I am trying to do is change anything about the, for example, the malebuilder_pants.j3o/malebuilder_pants.mesh.xml and save it as a separate model, so that I can “change” pants on my character. It could even just be the color of the pants. I just need a seperate pants model, changed slightly, with the same attributes to switch them out with another pants model.

You can combine the single parts and save them either separately or as one model with the scene composer, you can also assign different textures through the scene composer. Unless you want to edit the mesh or texture coordinates theres really no need to use blender here.