Cool Apps Challenge

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Welcome to the CoolApps Developer Challenge

I had a short glance at the contest description only, but from this I assume by 'grid' they mean a server farm, don't they? So what part of jME or MonkeyWorld3D makes sense on a distributed server?

Well, terrrain is a grid so I thought it'd be a good fit.  Naw, I think it's good if…

  •'re local resources are limited and your design calls for huge levels that need to be crunched for BSP/Octree.  Especially since BSP performance depends upon finding the best choice for the first plane.  It could analize the 'what if' planes to find the best choice faster than a PC.

  • want to push something designed to DarkStar (though admittedly I don't see the connection between the two).

  • ...organization of large object computations in general.  Spatial sorting, light map generation, shadow maps, etc.

Like I said...just a thought.

allways wanted to build a distributed chess engine…where is all my spare time??

Battle chess even.  Or how about a distributed remake of Archon?

ahhh archon…loved that one! (would be great as a hobby jme project not related to distributed things too)

heh, how about challenge #2 is "make the best looking remake of Archon using jME"  :wink:

perfect! :wink:

you'd have to provide a copy of archon to have a reference. while i can remember it, i can't remember everything.

afaik archon is still copyrighted, so making an archon clone as a contest could be difficult without a reference.

found this:

VC&G | » The Secrets of Archon

is that reference enough?

excellent links!