Cool Tool for NormalMaps

The Video on Beginning looks already nice. The Textures it creates are realy cool.

And seems to be Freeware.

Wow…that does look really cool.  :-o

I've seen the bump mapping sample in the repo, and the question that came to my mind at that point was "So, how do I generate this stuff?", and here's my answer…

Except that it doesn't seem to be free.  From the forums:

A commercial license will cost $299(US). The release date isn't determined yet, but it will be pretty soon!

(inexpensive for a commercial tool, but I haven't done any research on the alternatives, or if there are any free ones)

There is a "non-commercial" license, but it seems like there hasn't been a decision on the cost of that license, although $50-99 has been thrown out there.

After looking through that and doing a quick search, it seems like a cool tool, but for an indie developer like me, I'd like to try out the normal mapping plugin for GIMP and another method using Blender.  Nothing against commercial software, I just can't see myself paying for something I can do with my current tools (since I'm no artist anyway).

ohhh, I should look better the next time  :frowning:

I prefer free Software too. There was the Tool from Nvidia, but thats not soo cool.

When you find some cooler stuff, thenn let me know  :wink:

xnormal it be free!!

Can't blender generate normal and height maps from geometry?

And for all you photoshop users: <-- uses NV normal plugin