Cool video about Google Sketchup and JME3

I’ve found the following video that shows how easy models can be created with Google Sketchup and then imported into JME3.

I like to ask the community about your opinions and experiences with it. I think it is a simpler alternative to Blender and might be good for programmes that don’t have moderate modelling skills yet. Therefore I’ll have a try :slight_smile:


Very cool. :smiley:

Seems like jME works just like advertised :wink:

JME has strong community! Really cool!

Cool stuff!

Just out of curiosity, is there a mac version of the ogre exporter you use for Sketchup? The one I’m currently using is no where near as usable as the one you show.

keep it coming :slight_smile:

Ok. I’m going to have to try that method out. I tried doing something very similar before with the work flow being SketchUP -> Blender -> Ogre -> JME. The results… weren’t pleasant. Basically the model that Blender got a hold of from the export was total :shit: I figured this was just because SketchUP was slightly insane or something so I gave up on that endeavour. But THIS method looks a bit more straight forward and potentially less irritating. Thanks!

I’ve been using the same asset pipeline for a year but when I started, the Ogre exporter did not provide a graphical interface. I had to configure it in the source code.

For static, non animated models it’s very cool and the 3D Warehouse provides a huge database of models you can use until you create your own models.

Today I have tested Google Sketchup and the import into JME3 for the first time. After some video tutorials where I learned some basics like greating faces from edges and how to handle the Z-Fighting problem I really can say that I like it.

The Ogre exporter comes with a simple GUI that allows to set some path values. So that was really easy.

The imported model then results in a Node with three child meshes. In order to get the physics working I only had to use a mesh accurate collision shape which includes the nodes children:
CompoundCollisionShape complexShape =
(CompoundCollisionShape) CollisionShapeFactory.createMeshShape(level);

Tried it with sketchup 8 and went great.

You need:

This is shiny, awesomely easy to use, tool.

The command line tool is integrated in the sdk, no need to download or invoke it manually, you can import binary ogre directly. Its also used for the “advanced ogrexml import”

The sketchup export interface seemed to require a link to the command line tool. Although after checking, it does seem it is not needed, my wrong. I’ll edit my post with a not needed mention.

Amazing Video!!! But the source code’s link in youtube is broken, has somebody the code? can someone please upload it again or send me by e-mail? I need the code to finish the tutorial.

Hi all,

i’m beginner of JME3 and am not english native.
I’ve a question about Sketchup exporter and how to extract objects insides:
For example, I’ve a simple model in SketchUp with 5 houses insides.

By using “OgreXMLConverter.exe” guided in the video above, Can i export 5 .obj houses and corresponding positions to use in JME3 ?
I need to select and take some actions on seperated object.

Many thanks for your answers.

@qa.nguyenvu said: By using "OgreXMLConverter.exe" guided in the video above, Can i export 5 .obj houses and corresponding positions to use in JME3 ? I need to select and take some actions on seperated object.
Have you attempted doing what you described above?

It’ll be easier to help you if you can describe a particular step in the process that you can’t get past.

Hello @erlend_sh, thanks for your reponse. I explain here steps i did in more detail:

Step 1) By following the video in this topic, i created a model (a simple scene with 5 houses insides) with Google Sketchup and then imported into JME3.

No problem with step 1) :slight_smile:

Step 2) In next step, I want to use mouse to click on each house to do some task on it but i can’t do it.

picking up objects as the following example:

I found that 5 houses are not imported as 5 different objects (java object).

To picking 5 houses as i want, in stead of 5 houses I designed only 1 house and use a loop to create 5 houses. It’s OK for picking (as the example Hello Picking).
But its inconvenience is the need know where each house located. If we use Google Sketchup to design all houses and buildings, we don’t care them.

Finally, my question is how to pick each objects in a model which is built by Google Sketchup in JME3 ?

Thanks for any suggestion.

Open the model in the scene explorer and use that to browse the contents. Do you have everything in one mesh or are there multiple geometries/meshes?

Thanks @zarch for your answer.
When i edit my scene (RedHouseExample.j3o) in SceneComposer, i have

  • terrain-RedHouseExample
  • terrain-RedHouseExampleQuad1
  • terrain-RedHouseExampleQuad2
  • terrain-RedHouseExampleQuad3
  • terrain-RedHouseExampleQuad4
  • RedHouse-ogremesh

When i click on each quad, i observed that the clicking on terrain-RedHouseExampleQuad3 will cover all my houses.

  • terrain-RedHouseExampleQuad3
    . terrain-RedHouseExampleQuad3Patch1
    . terrain-RedHouseExampleQuad3Patch2
    . terrain-RedHouseExampleQuad3Patch3
    . terrain-RedHouseExampleQuad3Patch4

So, i think there are multiple geometries/meshes ?!?! i’m new beginner, correct me if i was wrong. Thank you.

I don’t know, it sort of sounds like you might have multiple geometries but each contains bits of multiple houses.

To be honest the best way to do this is to build all your objects separately and then combine them within jME (either programatically or using the scene composer in the SDK which was developed for just this purpose0.