hello everybody, anyone here have idea how can i manage this Problem. The Code is OpenDs. Tanks very much

Title and first post don’t describe in any way your issue…

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I think i must manipulate coordinate or is there in JME3 any class or Methods for this situiation

we need more info. and enable debugging

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i run openDS Code then my Vehicle has distance from the strret (in the air) and this Code is written in JME and i am beginner in JME. IS there ideas how can i Position my Vehicle on street.

thanks for the web page ist important.

if you are using Bullet physics Vehiclecontrol check where did you place the wheels, if everything is correct the problem is mostly in the car model.

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Thanks very much i will try and when i solve the Problem i will write again:hourglass_flowing_sand:

how can i finmd this jar file image

mm first use 3.2.1-stable
second use gradle or maven

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thanks alot. this worked : jme3-jbullet-3.2.1-stable-sources.jar