“Would you buy this game if it were available in Steam?”
Hell yeah I would!

Also, “it is written in Scala” huh, I had no idea! (or I forgot)

And yes, its written in Scala. I do love the functional side of that language.

New version 0.3.1 is out now!

Here are the major changes:

  • New shield look
  • Each new level now progressively increases in size
  • Fixed major crash on launch on for linux
  • Fixed 360 controller mappings for linux
  • Increased the cost of the health upgrade evolution
  • Reduced the cost of the other evolutions
  • Sound thread attempts to restart in the event of it crashing (just a precaution to make sound more robust)
  • Slightly reduced the chance of souls spawning (since larger levels mean more enemies to farm)
  • New 360 controls prompt at the start of a new game if a 360 pad is being used
  • New stats page (I’ll be sure to expand on this later, please tell me what you would like to see here)
  • New controls help in pause menu for user reference
  • New infected damage type. Small chance of enemies being infected.
  • Reduced the chance of follower eggs spawning

I also did some interviews for some youtubers. Here is one where I talk about my future ideas for Copod and here is one where I talk about game design in general.

In one of the interviews I talked about adding some sort of ending scene to Copod. I gave it a go this week and what I made didn’t fit. I’m far more content with the simple ending that is currently present in the game.

In the next update, I plan on introducing a cross-run progression system where the game increases in variety and complexity as you play it.

Download the latest build here.

Vote for Copod on Greenlight here.

Copod v0.3.2 available now!
Here are the latest changes:

  • Doubled the ammo for the Baby Tears power[/li]
  • New progression system, collect antibodies to unlock more powers and gameplay variety.[/li]
  • 4 new powers and 1 new enemy that can be unlocked via the new progression system[/li]
  • Greatly improved the text quality[/li]
  • Added new icons to stats page[/li]
  • Save data now stored in APPDATA folder or your platform equivalent (this means you’ll no longer lose progress between updates)[/li]
  • Multiple physics springs can now be applied to entities (this means more than one creature can grab you at a time now)[/li]
  • Updated some sfx[/li]
  • Reduced the brightness of the red liquid (doesn’t clash with tongues as much now)[/li]

The biggest change has been the introduction of the new progression system. Definitely the feature that took the longest to implement in this update. But now its in I can focus on expanding upon it. Only 5 unlocks are available now, but more are soon to come.

Here is a little preview of the new power “Tongue Twister”. It lets you control a very long tongue with a deadly tip. I was surprised by how much fun it was to use!

You can get the lasted version here or from IndieGameStand.