Copter Simulation

Hi there,

I've only a short video to share. Yesterday I've started to look into jME and successfully integrated the Island demo into a physics simulation I already had. First of all I want to pay all jMonkey developers a big compliment. Thanks to the many demos it's really easy to get started.

Sorry for the intro with details of the new frame. Typically I'm posting the videos in model maker community.

Visualization and simulation is running in separate applications. At the moment only the copter position and orientation (as one quaternion) is send via UDP to the visualization.

The first visualization is Java3D. I've taken a panorama image from another flight simulator (Heli-X) and imported the copter model with a 3DS loader. As mentioned in the video the panorama box doesn't allow a moving camera which is needed if you want to fly from the copters perspective. So I've switched to jME. The nice looking Island demo is perfect to fly by. Now I can train flying skills from 1st person view even if the weather is too bad. Thanks jMonkey team!

If I find time to pack all applications together I will try to make a webstart. But the controls will be a problem. At the moment I need the real copter running to get the signals from my remote control. For the communication via serial port and ZigBee I need another native interface. Furthermore the simulation uses the same firmware as it runs on the copter itself. It's compiled as dll and wrapped into a third native interface. For distribution of the flight simulator it would be easier to write a flight controller in Java than trying to provide the copter FW for different systems.

Anyway, if I manage to build a webstart I will let you know.

Thanks for the great jMonkey project!

~ stefan

Very cool  8)

Hehe, great! :smiley:

That's some cool stuff right there! Amazing job :slight_smile: