Copy an object (node), that i dont have to load model again


I would like to insert some models in front of my car in a random distance, that works fine, but now I want to use a class that imports my model and it doesn't work anymore.

My Question is, how can I copy an Node an set it up somwhere else…so that I do not have to load that model again … 50 times.


I tried it this way:


 Geometry geo = (Geometry)strassenSperre.getChild(0);

      Geometry geo2 = clone(geo);

      geo2.setLocalTranslation(new Vector3f(rnd2, 0, -rnd-50));



and this way

      Node strassenSperre2 = clone(strassenSperre);
      strassenSperre2.setLocalTranslation(new Vector3f(rnd2+10, 0, -rnd-100));

But I get NullPointerException all the time...

The clone() method on a Spatial or a Node object seems to be what you are looking for

I am new to JME, could you explain that further?

I clicked at cloneNode in eclipse… i got it as a tooltip opened…