Core Team and contacts

I need to fix this part of wiki.

•Contact the jME team
is it still

◦Core team - Who are we?

If the core wishes to use this forum page for their bios I will add them to a new page.

If a page already exists, show me and I will link it.



For the contact, IMO the best is to redirect to the forum. IMO there is almost always a core team member connected.

For the “who’s who” we had that before… idk if we could get it back from those silly sites that backup the entire internet.

I used this for the contacts part for developers, plural,

Thak you.

I found a cached page and created a new Team Page based off it.

It is a straight forward page that links to each core members forum user page. I figured that by doing so you can use your forum pages for your bios if you wish, or not, and it has the contact button right there.

If you guys want other info on the team page, let me know here and ill add it.

Edit: Paul Speeds page is a good example of the bio.

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Nice thank you :wink:

You will find Paul Speed has a good example of everything.