Correct way of building the scene

Dear JME Experts,

currently I have a house in the scene exported from Blender.
Apart from house object there are 10 window objects of 3 different window types with different animations and same two materials assigned to them (Glass and WhitePlastic).

Once opening a scene, I get Warning:
SEVERE: Material instances cannot be shared when hardware skinning is used. Ensure all models use unique material instances.

Though animations seem to work fine.
I wonder if it should reorganize the scene:

  1. Leave just one window of same type in scene as template
  2. Export for each window material data to material file.
  3. Add all other windows programmatically and assign to each different material name with material copied from template window.
  4. Save the scene

or should I just change material names in Blender and do not worry?

What would be better for final performance/lean process, or how do you usually organize in the situations, where
same object has to be multiple times in the scene?

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If I got you correctly, in my opinion the easiest way would be to create Material files (.j3m) using the SDK. After that you can easily assign the correct material file for each geometry. That’s all you need to do.