Correct way to shut down an applet?

I've got jme running in an applet ( 8)).

My problem is this:

In firefox(haven't tested with ie), run the applet.

Open another tab.

Close the tab with the applet.

Trying running the applet in the open/another tab.


What I think the issue is: 

  lwjgl doesn't get shutdown when the tab is closed.

Why I think this is the problem:

  The 2nd instance does not generate a "LWJGL Display System created" info msg.

  I get other error (mostly with AWTInputAdapter) about objects not being null.

What I've tried:

  Entirely revolves around the Applet.destroy class.


  setting the canvas to null.

  removing the context for the canvas (won't let me as it's the active context)

  Calling DisplaySystem.close()


  Searching this forum for an answer (found a great MAC thread though).

  Looking through LWJGLDisplaySystem and DisplaySystem for additional close/destructor type stuff.

Workarounds or solutions greatly appreciated! 



I have a less than ideal workaround:  calling Display.reset before the call to create the canvas object.

Would be happier if everything was being shutting down properly.