Could I contribute to the particle system?


I'm interested into developing a particle system with some more features but I have some questions:

(I'm looking at com.jme3.effect.ParticleEmitter)

Iirc jme2 had a Particle-influence interface allowing to add new kind of effects; while the one in jme3 have a built-in scale/color/gravity.

Is it made on purpose to keep a tiny&fast system? Or is it a work-in-progress by someone else; or would you be interested into me adding some feature?

Hi nono.

The particle system in jme3 is not complete yet but from what I heard from momoko_fan he found the old jme2 system was too bloated. If you want to create a cleaner system with more possibilities just do so, we're gonna see if we put it into jme3 :smiley: See most of the time too much talk about this stuff is just holding things up and some code can say a thousand words :wink:



Please don't create an additional system :slight_smile: Normen is just a bit confused. I created a bare-bones particle system that satisfies most common usages (as you can see in TestParticleExplosion you can already make advanced effects with it). But if more features are needed then its fine to add them. The jME2 one had a lot of features that were not commonly used, that's all. Two features that should probably get added is particle influences and ramps for the color/scale of particles for more fine tweaking than currently possible.

You can add the features and contribute the changes here, if they are good they will go in.

Momoko_Fan said:

Please don't create an additional system :) Normen is just a bit confused.

I did not mean an additional system but extending the current one. Do you think just adding more methods to the ParticleEmitter is a good idea? Would be incredibly simple including that in jMP then but something like an influence interface or something might also be nice..?

Oh okay. Yeah ParticleEmitter could just have more methods, I don't see why not. Influence would most likely work like an interface.