Could not update SDK on Linux

I received this report by e-mail and have asked the reporter to follow up on the forum, as I would not classify it as a bug until we have more info.

I’m a fairly new jmonkey user for academic purposes.

In the installation of JMonkey on Linux I noticed some issues that I managed to solve and I’m sharing in case it may be useful for future versions:
1 - The binary allows to install but not to update the software which I addressed with the following command line script


#30-37 set foreground color 40-47 set background color
#Black       30
#Red         31
#Green       32
#Brown       33
#Blue        34
#Purple      35
#Cyan        36
#Light Gray  37

cd ~/jmonkeyplatform/jdk/jre/bin/
sudo chmod +x *

echo "\033[32m"
echo "\033[32mPress any key (not a actual key)."
echo "\033[0m"
read var

2 - The NBAndroid url is not the same as in the website (of NBAndroid) changing it allowed me to install JUnit4 otherwise I could not install the Android plugin. Or to be more accurate I could not run the plugin on startup.

(1) is a known issue see

(there are other post over the forum)

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Same problem solved it the issue is that a few files in the jdk folder installed in the jmonkey platform don’t enough have permissions.
I made an installation script as posted by the forum moderators I use in Linux mint alternatively you can just the chmod command in the correct folder.