Could the alternate login sites theme be fixed?

This is really jarring. :confused:

Euww that’s nasty! That’s new right? Must have come with the latest update of the plugin.

I just looked into it. They’ve applied some “updates” to their service overall it seems. I’m not even allowed to change the appearance of the widget without a “Pro” account. Seems it’s about time we started looking at other options. Bleh, this could get a little complicated.

Started 2-3 days ago… At first I didn’t think much of it as I assume you guys were making changes and theme fixing might not have been high priority.

I’m sure there are other plugin providers with similar functionality. Most likely less greedy ones too…

Alternatively, you can revert to the previous version. With greed being what it is, I’d bet a lot the only changes applied to that new version don’t have much to do with bugs…