Couldn’t resist to post this

I wanna have DX11 MASA HAIR & Subsurface scattering skin shader … :cry: I wanna be in that world…i dont like here. :cry:,12524.html#xtor=RSS-181

“It was remarkable what was done on current technology, though few people out there actually have that much pixel power in their machines.” :wink:

On an IGN video review, they say the demo is running real time on 3 nVidia GTX 580… :o 8O

and remy has 5xyz crossfire.... so, not so far away :)

Actually, I removed one of the card because the fan was making a “TRLRLRLRLRLRLRR” unpleasant noise…

I have to send it back because it still under warranty…but honestly I think i’m gonna sell it after the change and just keep one of them…there is not a lot difference between one or two cards except for some particular games that ATI is nice enough to have made a driver conf for…

At least it does not worth the expense…

I still think technology is not everything in a game, plot + game play + environment for gamer (network, price …) makes the different … In a poor country like mine , in the past , it’s even difficult to find a 2 year outdated graphics card , now we keep up with the world about 1 year later :stuck_out_tongue: … And we don’t have monkey … oh sorry money for a fee-paid game , we just play free online game :smiley:

(spend few sec to think about kids who don’t even know about chess cause they don’t have the board…)

That’s why I love JME for its freedom we made… and of course its technologies :smiley:


Actually more intelligent procedures are for more imporant than pure processing power.

Also for only a few millions you could be in that world including source code access.^^