CPU consumption of JMESwingTest


the example in jmetest/utils/JMESwingTest run a thread to repaint the canvas on and on, so one cpu core is under full load.

I wonder why ?

Isn't it a better solution to call canvas.repaint on the end of the render method ? Or to suspend the thread after repaint instead of yield, and make a wakeup in the render method ?

The javadoc tells suspend and resume are deprecated because they are deadlock-prone.  (same for stop).


so i now wrote my own thread:

package swarms.gui;

import java.awt.Canvas;

import swarms.utils.Debug;
 * Ein Thread der eine sichere Variante von suspend und resume bietet. Der Javadokumentation
 * nach zu Urteilen ist eine Verwendung von Thread.suspend und Thread.stop nicht ratsam. Es
 * k