Cpu performance testing with null driver?

i would like to do some performance testing without having the graphics stuff bothering me. what would be the preferred way to do this with jME?

use some opengl null driver?

does lwjgl have some null wrapper that just voids every method?

There's a DummyDisplay that I use for the server of my games.  I don't know if that's what you're looking for though…


Can't you just filter out all the jME/LWJGL stuff from the profiling results? Maybe in combination with headless rendering…

Your other option is DummyDisplaySystem, but I doubt your that'll work for your code right away.

I always forget "System" on the end of that. :-p


Take a graphics card that is that lightning fast that you don't notice the lwjgl times in the measurements? :smiley:

err, ok, no actual serious ideas, sorry

wouldn't a good profiler help in such a case?

no profiler that i know of at least