Crap at Math!

How can I translate a point defined in the local space of a Spatial(entity) to the world space?

Currently I'm using the following function but I think it's wrong:

     * Transforms a point from the entity's local space into world space.
     * @param entity the entity in which relative coordinates the point is set.
     * @param point the point to convert.
     * @return the world coordinates of the specified <code>point</code>.
    public static Vector3f pointToWorldSpace(Spatial entity, Vector3f point) {
        //thid code has been copied from Spatial.updateWorldTranslation()
        if (entity != null) {
            return entity.getWorldRotation().mult(point).multLocal(entity.getWorldScale()).addLocal(entity.getWorldTranslation());
        } else {
            return point;

We use this method in jME Physics:

     * Sets the world translation of a spatial according to a supplied body.
     * This is done by going "the other way around"; figuring
     * out what its local translation has to be in order for the world
     * translation to be the same as the one of the body.
     * @param spat The Spatial to synchronize.
     * @param worldTranslation
     * @param store
    void worldToLocal( Spatial spat, Vector3f worldTranslation, Vector3f store ) {
        if ( spat.getParent() != null ) {
            store.set( worldTranslation ).subtractLocal( spat.getParent().getWorldTranslation() );
            store.divideLocal( spat.getParent().getWorldScale() );
            inverseWorldRotation.set( spat.getParent().getWorldRotation() ).inverseLocal()
                    .multLocal( store );
        else {
            store.set( worldTranslation );

Maybe it should be added to Spatial?

I don't understand how this could be applied to my case. i.e. convert a point defined in a

Spatial's local space to world space?

Oops - that was the other way round 


your code actually looks ok, for mapping from local to world (it creates a new vector but should be functional)