Crash on getting render state

Currently, yes, the thread is the issue. Creating a TextureState causes the state to access OpenGL to get the capabilities of the card: Ansio support, non-power of two, etc etc. Accessing OpenGL outside the thread that the context lives in is a no-no.

It's on our list to fix this issue. Is pretty much the main hurdle to allow loading of data outside of OpenGL thread.

Thanks mojo - im close to being ready for a multiplayer release and need to keep a few buddies in the loop -  :expressionless: any estimates when this will be available.

However, as a workaround, suppose i created a cache from the jmonkey canvas impl, my thread puts a bit of text in it, then the cache cycles and discovers the entry then renders - i guess that would work, would slow the system down a bit but i may make my release of next week that way ??

Any reason that the gl data isnt cached - i noticed some initialisation flag in there ??

For those that are interested in the resolve :-

2 threads as standard - the AWT thread and the JME thread

Dont cross the beams (threads)

the awt thread set values on an arbitary object of youre choice.

The jme thread looks for the presence of state change on that chosen object, on state change the jme thread invokes the state transition