Create a Material from mtl

My newest problem is loading a material. I am trying to create a floor and a material for it. For the floor itself I have created and sized a Quad to fit the area I want as the size of the floor can be different for runs. I have created a material in Blender and the image is placed in the same image atlas as the rest of my textures. I want to load my floor material and tile it across my Quad object. My problem is that I only have the mtl file at the moment and jme only takes any notice of them when loading a model.

How do I create a j3m file that I can use from my mtl file?

Your question makes no sense… Just create a j3m file and assign it to the model.

That kind of is my question. How do I do that using my mtl file?

Create a j3m file, assign the textures.

Thanks didn’t quite get what I wanted from that I just don’t understand the materials enough yet. Got around it though by adding a plane model and repeating it.