Create awt rectangle from boundings

quick question if you wanted a AWT rectangle to be able to surround a Node what would be the proper parameters

       int x=?;
        int y=?;
         int width=(int)object.getLocalTranslation().getX();
        int height =(int)object.getLocalTranslation().getY();

        Rectangle col = new Rectangle(x,y,width,height);

O.o ? WTF are you trying?

well however, x = obj.position.toScreen()-half boundingboxxsize (for non orientated boxes)

for ToScreen there was somewhere a method doing this.

lol very simple 2D collision using awt rectangles

       BoundingBox bV = (BoundingBox) object.getWorldBound();
        int x = (int)(bV.getCenter().getX()-bV.getXExtent());
        int y = (int) -(bV.getCenter().getY()+bV.getYExtent());
        int width = (int)(bV.getXExtent()*2);
        int height = (int)(bV.getYExtent()*2);

you know that there is a really good 2d java collision engine out there?

lol really what is the nae of the engine,  are u referring to Phys2D?

i am just looking for an unbloated collision system

there are some


Also depending on the shapes of the bojects, you mgiht actualy try to write it yourself, the amth is really easyer than 3d there