Create moving tail mesh possible?


I have a spaceship that runs around flying in space circeling planets.

Problem is, because of it being space it’s hard to know whats actually going on.

So for example, If I run half a lap around the sun I as player will not even notice it as my view is fixed on the spaceship and angled so I see the sun quit centerd all the time.

So I need a blue fire tail.

I was thinking of making a mesh cylinder with a texture. Then cut it in 4 rings and then in jme3 change the center position of these rings to a list containing the last 4 positions of the spaceship. Problem is I’m not even sure this is possible…

Can I name the rings something or maybe do some sort of armature to it in blender to be able to set the position of each ring using java?

maybe a fire particle emitter attached to the spaceship ?

Yea but that looks bad. It would result in a trace of nonemoving firedust in the middle of space.

I want the tail to always be behind the spaceship but also to bend if the ship is turning…

do the emitter of “rings” in velocity vector reversed to spaceship direction. and set true to follow parent node(emitted particles changing position with spaceship) or false if you need other effect

edit: forgot to add that you must set max particles to 4 (becouse you want 4 rings) , set facing same as velocity vector and set start size for example 2f and end size to 0.5f (to get effect like in all space games)

Sounds smart oxplay, only problem is that I cant find what method your reffering to when you say:

. and set true to follow parent node

I'v done: .setFacingVelocity(true); but it doesnt change anything..
Should I attach the emitter to my mesh is that what your saying?

At emmiter creation you can set if its in worldspace ro in localspace

Now I have the ring but it’s rotated the wrong way.

Also obj.getParticleInfluenser().setInitialVelocity(velocity.mult(-1)) does not affect the position of the rings.

How do I fix this?

I really need help. I cant for the love of me get this to work!

I’v tried settings:




Iv tried rotating the objects localrotation,

I’v tried rotating the velocity

Iv tried setting the facevector to Vector3f.unit_x and the other axes.

I’v tried every possible solution but NOTHING works!

I meen, why would this face the side when it’s velocity is clearly the reverse of the direction the node is moving?!

Also, it’s mindhump that if I set velocity to Vector3f.UNIT_X then it moves right (seen from behind) but if I set velocity to Vector3f.UNIT_Z

then it moves to the LEFT!


How is the possible?!

It souldn’t move at all in the x vector!

I truely dont see why this is acting up so much and I can’t really move on unless I fix this.

So unless theres any fix to this Bug I might have to create my own textured Quad and set it’s position and rotation size and texture etc to fix this…

Is the particele mmiter by any chance using billboards or pointmode? in taht case they will always face the camera then

Nop it was not. Also, when setting the localrotation the texture will never face the camera, instead it will take on random angles not making anysence what so ever.

I solved this using simple quad array. Won’t waste another second debuging this shit.

@Addez said:
Won't waste another second debuging this shit.

Lol, you admit your code is shit? ^^ You can tell us for long what you think you are doing.