Create/Open New Project Issues

Hey guys, I’ve just downloaded JME3 Alpha 1 and I’m unable to open a project that I have just created. I click File > New Project > BasicGame and I give it a title and project location.

The folders and some files are created, although the project does not automatically open nor am I able to find the project file in the project location.

My questions are:

a) Am I doing this correctly? (or is it that I’m just not suppose to open some kind of JME3-related project file extension)

b) If not, how do I set up a project correctly?

I’m running Windows 7 (32-bit) and I’m using the Eclipse IDE on the side if that helps.

Where on earth did you find alpha-1??

Oh sorry, I must have appended the 1 by accident.

It sounds like theres some user rights issues or similar when the project cannot be created… There was no warnings about a missing JDK at the beginning or something? Also, are you using vanilla alpa-3 or did you update to nightly? In any instance alpha-4 should be out vary very soon, maybe that will solve your problems.

I’m using the Vanilla Alpha 3.

I used to get warnings about there be missing a JDK, but I altered the jmonkeyplatform.conf file in the etc folder so it’s now pointing to the correct IDE (Eclipse in my case) and the SDK now load all the modules properly.

I do have the binary files from last night’s Nightly build but I’m not 100% certain what to do with those files. I did attepmt to make a new project in eclipse referencing those libraries, and that works fine. I’m able to access the classes fine and I’ve already started with a few tutorial and eveything works fine.

The reason I want to use the actual SDK is because it comes with a model viewer which would be more beneficial to use than to keep running the application in order to view if the spatials are in the proper location, and such.

When creating a new project in the SDK, what kind of project file is created? (file extension?)

Actually the requirements say that I need to have JDK 5 or 6 installed? Is there a way to get around this whole situation when not having it installed?

For java development you need the java development kit :wink: