Create own plugin for drag n drop


I’ve been studying Java programming for almost a year now but I’m still new to JMonkey.

I’m starting to get used to the terrain editor and it works great, so now I do want to start adding trees, houses and other stuff. So I was thinking because JMonket hasn’t got a “drag and drop wherever you like” function while editiing the world/terrain. So is it possible to create your own plugin in Java or something?

Adding like 100 objects to the sceen in code with setLocalTranslation when the terrain has many hills won’t be very easy. So if it is possible to create some plugin, where do I actually begin?

I do not wish to create trees and stuff randomly because I want to have full control of what I’m doing and not “mass place” stuff here and there :stuck_out_tongue:

So I want to create a plugin where I can just click with the mosue in the Scene Composer and add an object there. Or just drag an object and drop in where ever I like :stuck_out_tongue:

One more thing, today when I was playing around with a house and added it to the sceen, I got a “heap space error” or whatever it was. Why? I couldn’t load the scene again after that but luckily I had a backup on the project :smile:

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Thanks! But I doscovered that you can move an object with “move select item to cursor” so this is dream!

Any object you add is added at the cursor location, e.g. when you right-click a model file and select “add in scenecomposer” or when you add something from the asset pack browser…

Ok thanks, that is really good to know!