createPreView question?

I create a PreView viewport to render my gui to then I attach the Guis to my PreView viewport node. and inside the simpleupdate call the update manually on the previewport.

This all works out great.

Now my question. So lets say I have a MAIN PreView viewport I attach my Gui to. Then inside one of the screens that is attached to the PreView viewport. I want to have another PreView port so that I can limit clipping on the rendering of all the geoms that are inside that 2nd Preview.

I put in the manual updates inside the simpleUpdate but the problem is the rendering.
ALL Preview view ports are rendering based on the order they are created. So my Gui PreView view port is 1st rendered and inside the gui, it wants to create another one, but that ends up a second PreView and it gets rendered after the first one.

I will not know how many PreView viewports all the guis will need, so creating them ahead of time is almost impossible.

Or is there another way to render a PreView viewport that has a need for clipping.

Since glScissors is prevented other than a viewport. so I can’t find a way to create clipping without a PreViewport, and I’m having a hard time when I need PreView inside of PreView.

I hope I explained this.