Creating a default template for JME SDK?

I want to create a template for the SDK. I did some browsing around the net about creating templates for netbeans but it seems a lot of the netbeans features are missing or disabled in the SDK.

What I want to do is create a project similar to the BasicGame template but with my jpony library and a few common files added to the assets interface folder.

Perhaps someone here can get me pointed in the right direction ?

Use the source, luke!

Other than that we are as clueless as you, but I don’t understand: [quote=“jojoofu, post:1, topic:36619”]
seems a lot of the netbeans features are missing or disabled in the SDK.
We didn’t disable anything and you have to be precise for us to understand what you mean

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Thanks ,

The tutorial I found online from oracle uses all sorts of wizards to generate the template. None of said wizards are in the SDK but they are in the netbeans 8 sdk. Unless they are hidden but for now I’ma play around with that basic game template and create my totally awesome jpony template.

You’ll have to excuse me for being so slow I’m a Microsoft child :smile: I come from visual studio where creating a template means you click a button and , poof , magically a template is created.

You just have to install the “Netbeans Plugin Development” Plugin to be able to create Plugins…

I found a guide online that doesn’t use the wizard and it worked mostly. I’ve scrapped the plugin for now. I’m still developing Jpony but I don’t have time to write tutorials and documentation while trying to make a game. I had to choose one or the other.