Creating a FlashLight / Spotlight

I’m trying to create a Flashlight.

What i have now is a light that looks ok at far distances, but not very nice when pointing the flashlight to the ground.

This is, i guess, because the Terrain is too rough and the light is being applied per vertex and not per pixel.

What other things can be done to improve the look of the Flashlight?

If possible i don’t want to use a shader and creating a fine enough terrain would probably be a performance problem.

If i would use a projected texture, i would need to somehow apply an alpha value to blend it out at further distances?



I think the only solution to your problem would be to use a projected texture.

Create a glow texture and then put it in the 2nd texture unit, use the mode MODULATE to apply it.

If you do it this way however then regular lighting will not work, you may have to add the primary color to the projected texture color and then modulate it with the terrain texture.

There is another choice of using a higher detail model of the part of the terrain you are standing on… not pretty but would work.