Creating a Node using assetManager.loadModel gives Cannot locate resource


I’v been trying for quite some time now trying to import a xml character using the method mentioned above.

Problem is I get the error:

Cannot locate resource: my-path-to-the-file

While it is absolutley no misstake that the file is there!

I have no idea why it cant find it.

Its in a map on my desktop called Scene

So I have it like this:

[java]static String path = "C:\Users\Andreas\Desktop\Scene\Models"; //Path to the map

public static Node getOgreMesh(String mesh)


AssetManager assetManager =;

Node player = (Node) assetManager.loadModel(path+mesh); // load a model

return player;


Player is null. No idea why. Help :confused:

Please go through the tutorials, especially on asset loading. The path you specify has to be in the assetManagers root.

Yes, I was searching for that, but can’t find it :confused:

I’v searched for asset loading resource tutorials but only found one. On chines :stuck_out_tongue:

nvm, now iv found it :slight_smile: