Creating a skybox in jME3

Hallo there,

I wonder wether I chose the right part of the forums to ask this:

I’ve read in order to figure out how to create skyboxes in jME3.

How do I do it if I have jME2 Style Textures for each 6 sides of a skybox?

I appreciate any pointers or (if it is not that easy) descriptions on how to do it.

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AMD has a cube map generator, i didn't try it yet, but it looks promising.

It looks like you can load different maps for each face and then generate the final cube map.

Yep works quite good, however when using larger textures than 1024 you might have to change the header of the exe with a tool from microsoft so it is able to use more than one gb of ram. (At least I had to with my win32)

Hm, sounds like there should be a jMP plugin to create sky textures, hm? :slight_smile:


The AMD cubemap generator is good, but very bloated and hard to use if you just want a 'quick and dirty' cubemap put together.

I tried using dxtex, which comes with directX SDK (so you need to have that installed), which is very easy to use… just select a side of the cube at a time, and select the picture you want.

If you got directx 9 or higher installet DxTex.exe should be in the folder:

32-bit executable file

   DirectX SDK root UtilitiesBinx86

64-bit executable file

   DirectX SDK root UtilitiesBinx64

normen said:

Hm, sounds like there should be a jMP plugin to create sky textures, hm? :)

From my point of view (as a newbie) definetely, becouse
Itchy said:
'quick and dirty'

is just what I wanted. (And a plugin would not be that dirty ;))

If it is possible it would be cool if free software instead of propriatary software could do that.

The DirectX SDK worked fine for the moment. Thank you.