Creating a tight bounding volume for an imported model

Im not sure if this is possible but I have imported a model of a pool table and got jme physics to create the geometry for it but the bounding area is a box surrounding the entire model. I was wondering if there is anyway to make the bounding area tight to the model so I can actually use the cushions and pockets that are part of my model.

Bounding volumes or the generated physics geometry won't be able to do that for you. What I would suggest is to create your own physics geometry for collisions, by building your table surface and cushions out of a series of physics geomtry, all attached to your physics node for the table.

If you need further explanation I can give it.

It will be alot of trial and error to get them positioned right. Thats where my tool (thats still in development) would come in real handy.  :wink:

You could use generateGeometry( true ) --> (generates triangle accurate physics)


Just model the table is separate sections.

I used slate, rails and outertable.

This also makes it so you can apply different materials to each part :wink:

Thanks for the help I'll give those ideas a try.