Creating an Applet based on JMonkey3


I have chosen applet over JNLP for deployment after throughly analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of both,

And for applet development I found this tutorial,

But when I try it in JME3 IDE, I’m unable to find SimpleJMEApplet class,

Is this not included in JME3?

Should I add any particular library while using it from JME3.



There’s a test class at jme3test.awt.TestApplet that shows how to use applets with jME3.

Hello! I’m also interested in this topic. Where can I find the documentation for this class, jme3test.awt.TestApplet? I have a hard time finding documentation on this site. Thanks a lot!

There is no documentation, use the source Luke. :wink: All available documentation is in the wiki, under the “Documentation” link in the site menu.



Cool, thanks! I’m new to the site :D, but I’ve found the source in the svn checkout. Swell community you have here.

I have not been able to get the test applet to work right either.