Creating asteroids out of a TerrainBlock?

Hey there,

done the first 13 tutorials and going through the flag rush tutorials now.

Not built anything as of yet. Just thinking about my first project and that i need to start implementing and learn as i go.

Am wondering if there are any classes that would help me create 3D asteroids,

something in effect similar to using a TerrainBlock but in the rough shape of a sphere?

Am hoping to make an asteroid field with randomly generated asteroids.

thanks for any help u can offer :slight_smile:

In my project I’m currently using one model of asteroids, consisting out of 6 boxes. I load them into my game and place them somewhat randomly into the scene. Rotation and Scale are also determined randomly. All of course with some parameters. Of course you can build more asteroid models with different amounts of polygons and shapes and so on (I think I’ll do this in the future g).

That’s how I did it. I never took a look at Terrainblock since in my Space Shooter there is obviously no need for this, I only use prebuild models. But I’m also interested in other approaches!

Even infinity, probably one of the largest space sim projects out there, is only using 10 asteroid meshes and simply changing scales

honestly, for the amount of processing it would take to make procedural asteroids, you are better off simply doing a strategy similar to the above post.

cool, will prob settle for using 3 meshes, can prob tell am new to this lol. cheers for the info guys :slight_smile: time to start hacking away…if can resolve a damn issue on this laptop…grumble